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For the Bride:

byronbaybrides is an advertising platform for wedding services, we have no association with businesses listed and accept no responsibility for your choice amongst our advertiser, the same as you would not expect from yellowpages, your local newspaper, radio ad, tv ad.

Whilst we do our best to ensure quality services are listed, and YES services are rejected from advertising with us, we do not get involved with your booking nor do we take a commission from a booking.

For an Advertiser:

We reserve the right to discontinue your advertising should you place inappropriate content on your page, we will attempt to contact you first using the information provided and no response is consider your response and subsequent deletion. No refund will be provided.

Repeated bad feedback from brides will cause us to contact you for an explanation but our first step will be to ask the bride to bring up their grievance with you.

Membership is for 12 months and you can remove your listing at anytime however no refund of part use will be provided.